Family Friendly New Mexico Supports Women at Work

New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women is recognizing Family Friendly New Mexico as our changemaker for the month. The Family Friendly Business Award® was founded in New Mexico. As such, it is a unique feature that sets our state apart. Family Friendly New Mexico is helping to assess businesses, and recognize employers that offer family friendly employee policies and benefits.

Businesses that apply to be considered Family Friendly, are assessed on their use of family friendly policies in a variety of categories. Those include paid leave, health support, work schedules, and economic support. The most distinguished awardees, platinum businesses, are also evaluated in pay equity, diversity and inclusion, and community investment.

Why are family friendly businesses important to New Mexico women?

Family friendly policies help to uplift women and improve their economic security in our state. Women in New Mexico are more likely to live in poverty then their male counterparts. Additionally, wage gaps, and less access to high-paying jobs add to their economic insecurity. Child rearing responsibilities and childcare costs also have a disproportionate impact on women.

Family Friendly New Mexico’s online database of businesses offers women a unique resource that can help them when considering a new job. By listing businesses that support family friendly policies such as paid family leave, medical benefits, and flexible scheduling, Family Friendly New Mexico can help women choose employers who understand the challenges they face. Additionally, this program encourages New Mexico businesses to have policies and benefits that empower women, especially mothers, giving them a chance to thrive in their jobs.

Women-owned businesses can also use Family Friendly New Mexico’s resources to assess their businesses. The organization also offers training to help businesses become more family friendly.

How can I make my business more family friendly?

Want to know how your business stacks up when it comes to being family friendly? The Family Friendly NM website is a great resource for business owners looking to make their policies more family friendly. Their blog spotlights leaders in the field, introduces new policies to businesses, and highlights personal stories from real families. Family Friendly CEU-approved workshops are designed to raise awareness about the program and help leaders learn how to best implement family friendly policies in the workplace.

Family Friendly Businesses Support our Economy

The Family Friendly New Mexico Business Award® improves the lives of employees. When businesses adopt these practices, they not only improve the lives of the women that are the primary support for their families, but they also stimulate and improve the local economy.

In fact, the award often generates more business for the awarded employers. Research by Family Friendly New Mexico indicates that businesses that align themselves with these policies have higher employee retention and improved work attitudes. When families are succeeding, businesses are succeeding, too!

Ready to get involved? Family Friendly New Mexico is taking applications for 2024 now!