Listening & Learning Tour 2023 – 2024

Upcoming Events

The Listening & Learning Tour is a series of informative events around New Mexico. At each stop, a panel of local women who have successfully established their own businesses will take center stage to share their invaluable experiences and expertise on the process of starting a business. If you are a women considering starting your own business, Listening & Learning sessions are designed for you!

These gatherings will also include prominent leaders from local colleges and universities, local political and tribal authorities, and small business resources, enriching the discussions with diverse perspectives.

Designed with women in mind, free lunch and free childcare services are provided.

Join us! Listening & Learning events aim to inspire, educate, and foster connections, in order to advance gender equity in the business landscape. Each community holds a significant position in our state, and we are eager to hear the perspectives and experiences of the women residing in each region.

December 1, 2023: Listening & Learning Regional Event: Silver City, NM

Western New Mexico University, Besse-Forward Global Resource Center, West 12th St Silver City NM 86601

Listening & Learning: Beginning in 2021

In 2021, the Commission on the Status of Women embarked on a COVID-restricted listening tour, reaching six regions across our state. We engaged with local women in an effort to understand their most pressing needs and issues.

One of the crucial issues that came to light was economic security. This was complicated by the impacts of COVID.

2023 Updates

The statistics from 2023 revealed that 50% of working-age women in New Mexico are no longer part of the workforce. Clearly, many women are struggling  to regain economic stability for their families. As a result, when we geared up for the  2023/2024 Listening & Learning Tour, the primary focus was on ways we can address this critical issue. The 2023-2024 tour stops include Espanola, Silver City, Las Cruces, Farmington, Clovis, and Roswell. 

Key Collaborations

To aid in the long-term success of women business owners, the Commission is partnering with several key resources throughout the Listening & Learning Tour. For example, we are  collaborating with the Small Business Development Centers, as well as state colleges and universities. Each connection is designed to help women gather essential information, as well as resources and support long after the local Listening & Learning event is over. The presence of a college or university with a dedicated Workforce Development Center makes it an ideal partner. Also, while your community might be well-aware of local programs, The Commission knows it is crucial to shed light on  state-wide resources and programs that are available, too.

Listening and Responding to Women's Needs

Ultimately, our intention is to champion each community  at the state level, and advocate for policies and initiatives that address the challenges faced by women across New Mexico.

We firmly believe that building strong relationships with women in each region is the foundation on which this advocacy must rest. Together, we can create meaningful change and work toward a brighter, more secure future for all women in our state.