Listening Tour 2023 – 2024

The Commission on the Status of Women’s upcoming Listening and Learning Tour promises to be an informative event. A panel of accomplished women who have successfully established their own businesses will take center stage to share their invaluable experiences and expertise on the process of starting a business.

Additionally, the gathering will be graced by prominent leaders from the Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) and local political and tribal authorities, enriching the discussions with diverse perspectives. A complementary lunch will be provided to all participants, ensuring a lunch hour that is worth your while. The event will cater to the needs of women by offering complimentary childcare services, which will allow attendees to fully immerse themselves in the event. The Listening and Learning event aim to inspire, educate, and foster connections, in order to advance gender equity in the business landscape.

In 2021, we embarked on a COVID-restricted listening tour, reaching out to six regions across our state. We engaged with women wanting to understand the most pressing challenges they face in their lives. One of the crucial issues identified was Economic Security.  This issue became even more complicated by the unsettling impact of COVID. The disheartening statistics from 2023 reveal that 50% of working-age women in New Mexico are no longer part of the workforce, and many struggle to regain economic stability for their families.

As we gear up for our 2023 Listening and Learning Tour, our primary focus will be to address this critical issue.  In bringing this issue to our rural communities, we seek to collaborate with the Small Business Development Centers, state colleges, and universities for several compelling reasons. Each community holds a significant position in our state, and we are eager to hear the perspectives and experiences of the women residing in each region. Additionally, the presence of a college or university with a dedicated Workforce Development Center makes it an ideal situation for gathering essential information about the needs of women in your area. This will provide a place for women to receive support long after the Listening and Learning Tour is over. Also, while your community might be well-aware of the local programs available, it is crucial to shed light on the state-level resources and programs provided by various agencies.

Ultimately, our intention is to champion your community’s cause at the state level, and advocate for policies and initiatives that address the challenges faced by women within the community.

We firmly believe that building strong relationships with women in each region is the foundation on which this advocacy must rest. Together, we can create meaningful change and work towards ensuring a brighter, more secure future for all women in our state.