New Mexico Politics: Women’s Voices Matter

Our country is made up of over 52% women and nonbinary members, but our legislative bodies do not always represent that. In fact, at a federal level less than 30% of US Senators and US House Representatives are women. Thankfully, New Mexico is leading the way for female and nonbinary representation. Currently ranked 6th in the nation, 43.8% of New Mexico’s legislature is occupied by women. New Mexico’s success in this representation of women and nonbinary in leaders is thanks to organizations such as Emerge New Mexico (ENM), who is supporting the political ambitions of women and nonbinary people in our state.  

As New Mexico entered its legislative session on January 16, 2024 and the United States begins the 2024 election cycle, it is more important than ever to elect candidates with women’s best interests in mind.

How does Emerge New Mexico empower and educate women?

A part of the wider Emerge network, this organization trains Democratic women and nonbinary people to run for office. To date, this network has recruited and trained over 5,500 women across the United States to run for office.

Emerge empowers candidates through their signature training program. During 70 hours of training over seven months, participants learn what it takes to run and win campaigns for public office.

ENM’s training staff is made up of premier local and national campaign consultants, advisors, and staff. They have helped candidates win seats from the local school board to governor and even Congress. ENM educates trainees in topics such as public speaking, fundraising, networking, campaign strategy, equity and more. All of these are skills come to together to create a successful campaign.

Emerge New Mexico has helped 110 women win campaigns across the state.

Why is Emerge New Mexico important to women in our state?

According to the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), most public office positions are dominated by men. There are 25 female US Senators (25%), 126 female US House Representatives (29%) and only 12 female governors (24%).

Emerge New Mexico’s success is visible in the numbers. Emerge New Mexico has trained over 400 women since its founding in 2006. Currently more than 100 alumnae are serving in public positions across New Mexico. Notable New Mexico alumnae include the honorable Deb Haaland (US Secretary of the Interior) and Melanie Stansbury (US Representative).

How can women get support to run for office?

The 2023 Emerge New Mexico class recently graduated. To check when the next cohort’s applications open, click on the button below or follow Emerge New Mexico on social media. 

Applicants have to meet some basic criteria to participate. First, ENM looks for evidence of leadership experience or potential. Second, candidates must show an interest in running in upcoming elections. Third, each potential trainee should show an ability to build networks and articulate their personal political vision. Finally, candidates must commit to the entire seven-month training process and pay tuition. ENM does not want financial barriers to hold people back, so some scholarships may be available. ENM takes great pride in providing a training environment that is safe for all women and nonbinary people to achieve the tools needed so that our legislature the diversity we value.  For more information, on scholarships, email!

Do you have a friend or coworker who would make an excellent candidate for office? Recommend them to the signature training program by clicking the button below.