Funding the Advancement of Women and Girls

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NewMexicoWomen.Org (NMW.O) is the only organization of its kind in New Mexico, focused solely on funding the future of girls and women in our state. Few organizations work to uplift girls and women of color, and those in rural or impoverished communities.  NMW.O targets the root causes of gender inequity and patriarchy. 

By focusing on financial investment in underfunded populations, education on women’s issues, and research, NMW.O is securing a brighter future for girls New Mexico. 

How Does NMW.O Advance Women and Girls in New Mexico?

NMW.O uses a three-pronged strategy to advance self-identified women and girls in New Mexico: Educate, Lead, Invest. Through education, the organization brings attention to issues affected women and girls is New Mexico. Connecting with leaders, NMW.O brings about alliances between nonprofits and funders with interest in solving women’s issues. By focusing on investment, the organization leverages philanthropy to uplift girls and women of color in low-income communities. 

NMW.O’s also advances the organization’s mission through  grantmaking, training and education, research, and communications. 


NMW.O’s grants focus on gender justice and healing. The organization awards grants to programs that seek to address root causes of inequity. Targeted areas include self-care for social justice advocates, uplifting adolescent girls of color, and education on healthy masculinity. In 2023, $1 million in grants was awarded to organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls in New Mexico. 

How Can I Apply for a NMW.O Grant?

NMW.O currently has several active grantmaking portfolios: Healing Awards, Adolescent Girls of Color Multi-Year Grant Program, Gender Justice Multi-Year Grant Program, and the 2023 Healthy Masculinity Grantmaking. These programs are not currently taking applicants, but if you are interested in being notified of future grant opportunities, sign up for NMW.O’s newsletter.  


NMW.O’s training and education curriculums  target healthy masculinity, gender equity and racial justice, and fundraising. Alongside Together for Brothers, Tewa Women United, New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, and the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, NMW.O formed the Healthy Masculinity Collaborative. This program educates boys and men about patriarchal power structures, the importance of mental health, consent, and healthy relationships. Additionally, NMW.O participates in and hosts educational seminars for organizations and funders about anti-racism and patriarchy. Many of NMW.O’s smaller partners operate on budgets that are less than $100,000. With this is mind, NMW.O sponsors social justice organizations to attend fundraising trainings so they can expand their work. 


NMW.O uses qualitative and quantitative research strategies to draw public attention to issues facing New Mexican women and girls. Through data and research, NMW.O discovers information that is relevant to social justice work. Recent work has been focused on pandemic recovery, intersectionality, economic security, and health equity. 


NMW.O’s communications strategy uses social media campaigns to bring awareness to various gender-related topics. NMW.O believes that their research should be publicly available and easy to understand. Past campaigns have focused on topics including accomplished women of color across the US, the impacts of COVID-19 on race and gender issues, and important gender-related data and statistics. 

NMW.O funds the future of women and girls in New Mexico.

Why is NMW.O's Work Important to Women in Our State?

Although women’s rights have made great strides in the past few decades, there are still many issues stemming from the continuation of patriarchal power structures. 

For example, 1 in 3 women will experience some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetime. 

Men also suffer in patriarchal societies. Men are 4x more likely to die by suicide than women. The suppression of emotions and pressure of unhealthy masculinity has lead to a male mental health crisis. 

The work of NMW.O is vital to continue research, provide funding, and support the causes that positively impact women and girls in New Mexico. 

If you would like to support the work of NMW.O, you can donate on their website. Legacy giving is also encouraged. 

Donating to NMW.O directly funds the only organization of its kind in New Mexico.