Women’s Summit

using our collective power to advance gender equity

On September 29, 2023 the CSW held its first annual Women’s Summit. Through this event, the Commission focused on social change, advocated for policy reforms, and worked toward creating a more inclusive society where women can thrive.

The event included a full day of speakers, panel discussions, and informative breakout sessions focused around three topics: A Path Forward to Economic Security,  Exploring Movements to Drive Change, and Uniting Policy and Advocacy to Meet the Needs of Women in New Mexico.

One of the key goals of the Summit was to bring together legislators, funders, and non-profits to open lines of communication and inspire collaboration between these stakeholder groups. Non-profit organizations supporting women in our state were able to showcase their work to potential funders and establish connections to secure vital resources. The conference acted as a bridge, linking funders with organizations that are driving positive change, thus augmenting the financial resources available for initiatives focused on women’s empowerment and well-being.

Additionally, the Women’s Summit offered a valuable opportunity for political leaders to gain insights into the pressing issues faced by women in New Mexico and the work being done by non-profits to address these challenges. By engaging with organizations and attending conference sessions, lawmakers could gather information and perspectives that inform their decision-making.

There were more than 50 panelists and event participants who took part, providing a broad cross section of women from all walks of life, and a variety of cultures, ages, and careers, representative of the variety of women who live and work in New Mexico.

The conference also offered educational sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, equipping organizations with the tools and knowledge they needed to address the evolving issues affecting women in the state. Click the button above to view the event’s schedule. 

Stay tuned for a commemorative short film about the Summit, which will be posted to this website in early 2024.